Working with parents

We will keep you informed every step of the way. We value a community and a culture where families/whanau are welcome and encouraged to be involved in their child's learning and 'kindy' life.


A parent is a child's first and best teacher.  We encourage formal and informal communication between parents and teachers regarding the care and education of their child.

Working alongside parents and family and whānau, we are able to focus on family aspirations for meaningful learning for children. Explicit connections to these aspirations will be evident in planning and in teachers’ reports, meetings and conversations with parents.

With the sharing of information your child will learn best when what they are learning and experiencing at home is connected with what they are experiencing and learning at the kindergarten.

We strive to create a community that enables teachers, parents and children to build sustainable, deeper and more meaningful relationships that promote positive child learning and community wellness.

Storypark. Children's Online Portfolio

Parents and families have access to Storypark.  An online tool used for planning children’s learning and illustrating deeper assessment of learning, showcasing your child's strengths, interests, recording their efforts and achievements.  It is used to upload pictures, videos, learning notes and observations of individual and/or groups of children.  Parents have ownership of their child's portfolio and can invite family members, respond to stories, create your own stories and contribute to the classrooms planning for learning.

Bi Annual Child Learning Report

Parents will receive a written record twice yearly, showing their child’s learning at kindergarten.  It will be the child’s own perspective of their learning and the teachers’ assessment.  Parents will also have a formal opportunity to record and share the learning they would like to see for their child.

From Katie's parents, Kieley and Thilina, August 2019

"We wanted to say thanks so much for Katie's report - an honest reflection of her.  There was no surprises as it had all been effectively been communicated through Storypark, so we appreciate all the effort.   Thank you for helping Katie to reach her potential <3"  

Trips and Events

We provide opportunities for children and their families to make meaningful connections within the local and wider community. Children have access to trips which are fun and provide educational benefits relevant to the learning programme. Parents and families will be notified though Storypark and notices at the kindergarten.  Written permission for trips is sought prior to each trip, this form will provide details of the excursion and a risk assessment specific to this event. All are welcome to attend.  

Pathways to School

Going to ‘big school’ is a wonderful milestone.  There are close parallels between the Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum and New Zealand School Curriculum and our programme actively supports both.  As your child has been part of our kindergarten we hope that they have developed confidence and curiosity about the world, and this can help support the pathway to school.  Children are assisted to understand that our brain works like a muscle, which can only grow through hard work, determination and lots of practice.  We aim to empower children with the love of learning so that they become confident life long learners.  We teach children self-help skills, life skills, knowledge and dispositions to be able to cope with the divers challenges of life and to prepare them for a smooth transition from kindergarten to school.  Parents will receive information on how the kindergarten and how they can support their child during this time.

Centre Policies

Apollo Kindergarten has an Operation Manual.  This holds all kindergarten policies, practices, ERO Report, MoE Funding Audit, The Early Childhood Regulations and Licensing Criteria. It is readily available for you to access at the kindergarten.  Also our policies can be found online via Storypark.  Should you wish to receive a copy of a policy please speak to your child’s teacher or the Manager or email the kindergarten at