How our teachers will teach

Our qualified and dedicated teachers will support and extend your child to experience a wide variety of new activities and build their knowledge, skills and attitudes that will last a lifetime.


Launching young minds

Effective teaching is at the heart of our programme.  Our teaching practices are respectful and we are quick to respond to children's learning by introducing new resources and extending children's thinking through open ended questions and sustained conversations.  

Our curriculum is based on Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum, and we incorporate our philosophy, aspects of Carol Dwecks, Growth Mindset, Magic Caterpillar Writing Programme, Projects and current theory and practice.

Te Whāriki describes curriculum as: “the sum total of the experiences, activities, and events, whether direct or indirect, which occur within an environment designed to foster children's learning and development."  Ministry of Education. (1996).

Our curriculum caters for the different age groups.  Children participate in a curriculum founded on play-based learning, where skills and knowledge are introduced, extended and practiced throughout the day as our knowledgeable teachers support and extend children's learning.   After morning tea, children engage in group experiences that prepare them for the schooling environment. These groups consist of 8-10 children with a teacher.  This is a time for intentional teaching.  The teacher has planned the groups learning based on children's interests, projects taking place, parent aspirations, life-skills, dispositions and learning outcomes for children. Children and teachers re-visit this learning throughout the day.

Pathways to School.  To support the transition from kindergarten to school Apollo Kindergarten aim to prepare and empower children with the love of learning, to gain social competence skills and to learn in self-help skills.  Children are encouraged to engage in small group experiences and with knowledgeable teachers to extend children's learning and a before school curriculum at the kindergarten we are able to support preparation for the schooling environment.