A Learning Culture that allows
Everyone to Succeed

We believe all children bring something unique and special to the world. Our role is to assist children to develop their full potential by believing in them as capable individuals.

Our Philosophy

Apollo Kindergarten opened in February 2018 by early childhood teacher Maria Anstis, who has been in the education industry for 35 years. Maria holds a nursing qualification, worked overseas as a nanny and has an early childhood teaching qualification. 

As a mother of two children it has given her valuable insight on young children’s learning and a passion to create an effective setting for young children and provide a balance between opportunities for children to benefit from teacher-initiated group work and freely chose, yet potentially instructive, play activities. Maria has gathered her knowledge from New Zealand, and traveled to Finland, England, Hungary and USA to further her study.

Our Philosophy is firmly based on a commitment to prepare and empower children with the love of learning , to gain social competence skills and self help skills. We believe this will support a successful transition from early childhood education to primary school.

  • Support children to be aware and be able to manage their feelings, emotions and behaviors.
  • Opportunities for children to enjoy, understand, engage with, and use oral, visual and written language and symbols. 
  • Support children to think logically, strategically, creatively and critically to see themselves as powerful and competent mathematical learners.
  • Support curiosity about the physical environment and explore how the world works through their exploration and conversations with others.
  • Music, dance, visual arts and drama are available to engage in complex modes of thinking and expression of ideas.
  • Focus on movement development to promote physical competence and the attitude and knowledge required to engage in physical activity for life.
  • Strong partnership between home and the kindergarten
  • Opportunities for children to investigate the responsibilities we share the planet, to connect with nature, and love the earth.
  • Develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritages of both partners on Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Along with Te Whāriki, we nurture a growth mindset and recognise the environment as the 'third teacher'.