With over 30 years’ experience as a qualified teacher and as a mother of two children this has given me valuable insight into the care and education of young children. I love my work and hope that Apollo Kindergarten becomes part of your family.
Maria Anstis. Teacher and Owner.


 "We wanted to say thanks so much for Katie's report - an honest reflection of her.  There was no surprises as it had all been effectively been communicated through Storypark, so we appreciate all the effort.  When we left it felt like we couldn't say thank you enough - and the last 2 days we have had some major milestones, that I need to share, to show you how far she has come.

Yesterday was Katie's birthday party - there was a huge crowd, and for the first time she could cope with everyone singing happy birthday - and so many people noticed that it was the first time she could open all her presents with everyone watching.  In the past we have had to wait until we are alone to open.  Secondly Katie has been at school 3 weeks and today her class and 2 others performed in assembly.  Katie was in the front row, on the stage, in front of the entire school, and parents, singing confidently!  

Thank you for helping Katie to reach her potential <3"

Kieley and Thilina August 2019


“Apollo Kindergarten has provided our son with an amazing start to his education journey.  Having watched the whole building process of the centre, he was extremely excited to start as soon as it opened.  The staff are enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about providing a nurturing environment for our children.  The playground provides a huge array of options for the children to use their imaginations; and having the reserve so close to the centre means the children have an even bigger environment to learn and play in.  I cannot speak highly enough of the Apollo Kindergarten centre, staff and children.  I know our son will be sad to leave his kindy when he starts school, but I know that he is prepared for the next step thanks everybody at Apollo Kindergarten.”

Emma and Dan  May 2019


“Thank you for everything you have done for our family. It’s been a great journey. Apollo Kindergarten was our daughters first experience of an NZ School and I am so happy she attended this school. We will miss you all.”

Scharneck Family  May 2019


 “Thank you! You are an extend family for us and we will miss you all.”

Wells Family  March 2019