Our Fees

We want to offer affordable fees. The kindergarten closes for 2 weeks at Christmas. Term breaks (up to 6 weeks) are available (but not compulsory) with no fees charged. Reduced fees for 5 year old children.

Our Fees Include

Without 20 hours ECE
With 20 hours ECE
With 20 hours ECE 5 year old

Sessional – per session
8.00am – 12.30pm  




School Hours – daily rate
8.00am to 3.30pm




Full time – daily rate




Full time – 5 days
7.30am to 5.45pm




Apollo Kindergarten Fee Policy is displayed on the Parents Notice Board and a copy is included in the enrolment pack. Fees and the Fee Policy are reviewed in February annually.  

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $50.00 is due when enrolment is confirmed. This fee covers administration set up costs. The registration fee is a once only fee. It is non-refundable and does not form part of the weekly fee.

Fee Payment

All fees are to be paid weekly by automatic payment (AP). We do not provide eftpos or banking facilities at the kindergarten.  Parents are asked to set up the AP one week in advance. Statements are sent out monthly. The first Monday of the month.  

5 Year Old Fee

The education sector recognizes that in today's society childhood is getting shorter.   Primary schools are now changing to play based learning and with the legal requirement that children do not need to be enrolled at primary school until their 6th birthday we are able to offer care and education for children who are 5 and at an affordable fee. 


Attendance in term breaks is not compulsory.  Parent can choose for their children to be absent from kindergarten during term breaks as long as they are not breaking the Government frequent absence rules which prohibits sustained absentee patterns or a single absence of more than three weeks in a row. Dates for the term breaks will be displayed on our calendar (on our website and at the centre). 10 days’ notice is required via email or in writing.  If your child is not attending during the term break and you have notified the centre NO FEES will be charged. Please see the calendar for the dates.

Christmas Closure

The centre has a Christmas Holiday. No fees are charged. Christmas Holiday is for 2 weeks.  Families will be consulted on a yearly basis to discuss dates.

Late Pick Up

Please ensure that you drop off and collect your child according to the times allocated to their classroom. Late pick up affects staffs personal time. As a courtesy, please call us if you are running late. There is a late fee of $20.00 for the first 15 minutes and $1 per minute onwards.

Change days or Hours

If you wish to change your child’s days or hours please email the kindergarten so we are able to complete the documentation that requires your signature.

Absent or Sick Rule

If your child is enrolled on a day where they are absent or sick normal fees apply. Please email the kindergarten if your child is going to be away.

Statutory holidays

If your child is enrolled on a day and it is a statutory holiday (excluding Christmas Break) normal fees apply. The kindergarten is closed for all public holidays.

Teacher Only Days

2 days a year during the working week teachers attend professional development workshops. The kindergarten will be closed to families. Normal fees apply.  Families will be notified of the dates at the beginning of the year and they are recorded in our calendar.