Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of FAQs which will be helpful for you. If your question is not listed, please contact us.
Phone 09 479 3387

What age should I enrol my child?

Apollo Kindergarten is licensed for children 2 years old to when they start school. We encourage parents to put their children on the waiting list as soon as possible.

What will my child need to take to kindergarten?

When your child is getting dressed for the day, please remember, they will be running, jumping, get paint and glue on their clothes and can get wet and muddy.

Each day your child will need to bring

  •                 A NAMED special bag (school bag).
  •                 Two changes of NAMED clothes.
  •                 A NAMED drink bottle (with water). The drink bottle is to go home with your child every day and returned the next day clean and with fresh water.
  •                 NAMED shoes that are easy to get on and off by the child.  (Some children bring slippers for inside play)
  •                 In summer a NAMED sunhat that can be left at the kindergarten.
  •                 In winter a NAMED raincoat, NAMED woollen hat and NAMED gumboots.
  •                Children that are being toilet trained will need extra changes of clothes and extra spare underpants/nappies.
  •                Children in nappies please bring nappies in daily.


At times, when it is raining we do go on walking excursions and play outside - wearing our raincoat and closed in shoes (gumboots are referred).  Also, in our carpentry area shoes have to be worn at all times.  Please note we do not keep spare clothing at the kindergarten.  Sharing clothing is not in our practice.  Should your child run out of clothing you will be phoned.

What food should I bring for my child?

Unless your child has special diet requirements, Apollo Kindergarten is able to provide a balanced diet for all the children, therefore no food is required from home.  Please see the Manager if your child has special diet requirements. 

Water is the best drink to quench thirst.  All parents are requested that they daily provide their child with a portable drinking bottle for them to use in their classroom. The drink bottles are to go home with the child every day and returned the next day clean and with fresh water.

Apollo Kindergarten employs a full-time cook to prepare and serve nutritional meals during the day.  We are subject to a National Programme 2 under the Food Act 2014.   Our menus run on a four weekly cycle and are reviewed every 6 months.

  •           No chewing gum, lollies or food that contains NUTS are permitted into the centre.  WE ARE A NUT FREE CENTRE
  •           A copy of the weekly menu is displayed at the kindergarten and daily recorded at the children’s sign in station.
  •           We request that children arrive to kindergarten dressed and have had breakfast and are ready to start the day.
  •           We recognise that celebrating a child’s birthday is a special occasion.  Please see your child’s teachers on how birthdays are celebrated at the kindergarten.

Do you give children holidays with no fees?

Yes. Up to 8 weeks per year (subject to conditions). Please see our calendar and our Fee Policy.

What happens if I am late in picking my child up?

Please call us if you are running late so we can let your child’s teacher know. There is a late fee of $20.00 for the first 15 minutes and $1 per minute onwards.

Who can pick up my child from kindergarten?

Only people who have consent on the enrolment form. If you need additional people please speak to a teacher and email the kindergarten with name, relationship to the child and contact information. Please do not be offended if a teacher asks for photo ID when your child is being picked up. 

Do children need to be toilet trained?

No. If your child is still in nappies or toilet learning just let a teacher know. We find that coming to kindergarten helps children to learn this skill quickly. 

Should I bring my child to kindergarten if they are sick?

If your child is feeling unwell or displaying any of the symptoms below, we ask that they remain away from their kindergarten and return 24 hours after the final symptom.  In particular, watch for:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • A high temperature
  • An unidentified rash
  • Conjunctivitis (unless medical treatment has been applied for at least 24 hours)
  • Any other symptoms of a contagious illness
  • Head lice (after treatment)

If you are unsure about whether your child can attend, please discuss with the teaching team or phone the kindergarten.

What is the policy on food allergies, food intolerances and special dietary requirements?

Allergies, food intolerances and special dietary requirements is a shared responsibility of the child’s family and the kindergarten. Allergies, food intolerances and special dietary requirements are recorded on the child’s enrolment form and in our software package. If food requirements change parents are required to notify the kindergarten via email.

Occasionally, we have children with severe food allergies.

Please avoid bringing peanuts or nuts to the kindergarten. This includes nutella, peanut butter, peanut brownies, peanuts or nuts of any kind.

If you have any queries, please see our Food Policy or talk to your child’s teacher.