Meet our Team

"I believe that educating and fostering a love of learning in our children is one of the most important jobs in the world. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and to help develop future generations." Sam Wester, B.Ed (ECE), Manager.

The Team

Our teachers teach with joy, working alongside your child in their play. They skillfully extend and stimulate children’s thinking through questions, suggestions and sharing of information.  We use our knowledge of learning theory and understanding of child development to further children's learning to help reach their immediate and long term goals.

About Our Team

Quality teaching matters for children’s learning.

We recognise the importance of providing quality, early childhood education by employing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.  Apollo Kindergarten makes every effort to maintain a 100% qualified teaching team and provide professional development for all our teachers.

Our Management team all hold education qualifications and work together to provide the best possible education and care for children and adults.   Sam Wester (B.Ed (ECE)) is the Manager at Apollo Kindergarten. She is supported by Maria Anstis (DipTching (ECE)) , the Owner and Tiffany Sutherland ((B.A.Ed GradDipBus), Regional Manager.  Kathleen Madrigal (Grad Dip EC) is head teacher in Classroom 1, Janelle Smith (B.Ed(EC Teaching)) in Classroom 2, Sharmini Paddick (DipTching(ECE)) in Classroom 3 and Marion Wadham (DipTching(ECE)) in Classroom 4.  Our many other teachers are a mixture of qualified, skilled or in training and are selected because of their commitment to providing quality teaching for your child.

 Your child will benefit from our strong team culture as we work together to support learning and nurture and promote a growth mindset.  Teachers will assist children to understand that the brain works like a muscle and that it can grow through play (which is identified as child's work).  We encourage effort, willingness to learn from mistakes and lots of lots of practice.

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