The Kindergarten

Your child will experience a quality learning environment, indoors and outdoors, that promotes development and learning. Designed by Phil Smith from Collingridge and Smith Architects our kindergarten has the benefit of a larger than normal play ground for children to have fun and explore. All curriculum areas are available and well resourced.

The Kindergarten

Apollo Kindergarten is a purpose built kindergarten situated at 87 Apollo Drive, Rosedale.  Located on the corner of Apollo Drive and Orbit Drive in the Rosedale, Albany area. Easy to find and access, with a large playground for children to explore.

Our beautiful purpose built kindergarten has been designed to provide a welcoming environment.  Our classrooms are well equipped with exiting learning areas for children to enjoy and succeed in learning.   All classrooms open to the outside play ground where children and teachers feel intimately connected to the learning environment.  We have an extra-large playground which is above the Ministry of Education requirements and children are encouraged to engage in physical active play during all seasons. This is where children can grow and run, play on the monkey bars, play hide and seek, build sand castles and nurture their own gardens.

We also have the use of a recreation reserve across the road to explore and make discoveries.   By creating a nurturing and stimulating environment we hope to open children’s hearts and minds to the unlimited experiences in the world around them.   

We support parents by providing a wide choice of hours for your child to attend, classrooms that cater for mixed age groups and age groups, and extended holidays are available.

Our Open Hours

The kindergarten hours are 7.30a.m to 5.45p.m and has 3 classrooms.

Each classroom is open at the following times.

• Classroom 2. Full day hours. 7.30am to 5.45pm

• Classroom 3. Sessional, 8.00am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 3.30pm                                                                                                                                                                              

                      School hours, 8.00am to 3.30pm

• Classroom 4. Full day hours 7.30am to 5.45pm

It is recommended that children attend 5 days a week to get full use of the programme.

20 HOURS ECE FOR ALL CHIDLREN  Apollo Kindergarten is part of the government scheme, which allows all children over 3 years of age to receive 20 hours ECE a week.  We have extended this scheme, offering 20 hours ECE for children from 2 years of age.

HOLIDAYS Up to 8 weeks holiday (NO FEES CHANGED) per child per year is available. 2 weeks holiday are reversed for the kindergarten closedown during the Christmas period. The remaining 6 weeks can only be taken in week blocks and during NZ school holidays February to November.  Please see our calendar for dates.

SESSIONAL HOURS  We are thrilled to offer a sessional service to families where we will continue to provide a high-quality education experience for your child.  This is a low cost session where children can have their lunch at home or lunch is available for an additional $10 a day. 

MATES RATES FOR TEACHERS Early childhood, primary, intermediate, high school, college, tertiary education. We are here to support teachers. Contact our manager to enjoy a tour and she will share with you our enrolment package for teachers.

REDUCED FEES FOR YOUR 5 YEAR OLD The education sector recognize that in today's society childhood is getting shorter.   Primary schools are now changing to play based learning and with the legal requirement that children do not need to be enrolled at primary school until their 6th birthday.  We are able to offer care and education for children who are 5 at an affordable fee.